Why I Chose Online Marketing

Online Marketing

When I was finally getting tired of my career choice (after 25+ years as an attorney) I decided I would like to find a way to make money that would not require that I drive downtown several times a week to make court appearances (or any appearances). I have always loved computers, in fact, I should have had a career that had something to do with computers, so internet marketing made perfect sense to me. I have now been at this for several years, I have done it all, affiliate marketing, I have an online store, I have every social media account available and until very recently it was all a bomb.

I decided to invest in some real training and it has been the best thing I have done thus far in this quest to become an internet “guru”. I will share some of what I have learned with anyone interested in the knowledge. I must also tell you that if you check out the links I am providing I am an affiliate for every last one of them, so I will receive a tiny benefit. As you will learn the benefits for these kinds of affiliate programs are not large, but every little bit helps right?

My first training took 30 days to complete but what a huge difference it made in what I had been doing before. I feel like I finally have some direction. I did not subscribe to every format I was given, because I found some that made more sense for me, but I also upgraded to some that I knew my instructor used but because of the cost he did not entirely recommend for newbies.

I will be talking about the steps I took, but obviously not in the depth in which I was trained, that would take more time than I have to devote and still do my own thing. I hope someone can get something out of this that makes them more successful in their online marketing endeavors. Good Luck to Anyone Reading This!!

Making Online Income

Thanks to my Granddaughter Brooklynn for this awesome artwork!