When I first started out in affiliate marketing I set up a Clickbank account because that was the source everyone was talking about. The market has since progressed to many choices, but I still like Clickbank because you don’t have to be approved to become an affiliate.

However, Clickbank is not the only forum I use because there are others that even though they may require a little more work to be approved as an affiliate they have great tools to help decide what to promote and what to stay away from. www.clickbank.com

My second choice is JVZoo. It is a little bit harder to get approved to become an affiliate, but some vendors will approve you and the more you sell the more vendors will decide you can do the job. They also have great scanning tools for picking the best products to market. www.jvzoo.com

Finally, I promote products on Warrior +Plus where they also have great tools to help choose which offers to promote. Like JVZoo you have to be approved to market for most vendors, but some will readily give you that opportunity. https://warriorplus.com/

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