Promoting Products – Chat bots

I have come to the conclusion that in order to be successful in affiliate marketing you absolutely must have a mentor, whether its through webinars, videos, programs you sign up for, whatever it is do not go it alone. I have spent years working on this unsuccessfully when if I had just bitten the bullet and broken loose with a little bit of cash I would have been successful a long time ago.

I will say that money does talk to me, and some programs, although I am sure they are incredible have just priced me right out of the market. And I know you have also experienced the upsell where to really get a product that will do what you need it to you have to buy the Pro or Elite version, whatever the creator has chosen to call it.

This past year I changed my way of thinking about it and I started really looking at new opportunities (not the same old crap) but things I thought would benefit me and even though it cost a lot of money I took the plunge. I’ll give you and example.

I have been fascinated with chat bots, when I’m online and having difficulties and the opportunity to chat pops up I am all over it. You can get your problem resolved in minutes instead of days on many sites.

When I had an opportunity to buy a program where I could create bots, not only for my own websites, but to build for other businesses I was very excited. Then I looked at the price and it was a bit over budget, but the creators (I communicate mostly with Simon Wood) were smart enough to offer a 3 payment program spread out over 3 months. That I could afford to do. I have chat bots now in my store and on my other website and I will have one here soon. If chat bots are new to you and something that seems interesting you can check it out here. My website (which is still in the works is

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